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"Isabel was a highly-valued member of the executive leadership team at Pragmatic Marketing for five years in the role of Chief Counsel. Even though her domain expertise is law, she possesses a high level of business acumen and consistently brought forward innovative ideas to increase revenues and minimize costs.  Initially, she was hired to protect our intellectual property by reviewing sales contracts that had progressively become more complex. Our contracting was cumbersome and a major sales objection so Isabel took the initiative to revamp the process so that most deals could be done by the sales team without legal intervention, substantially reducing the time for closing deals. 

She played a crucial role in the sale of the company to private equity in 2016, heavily supporting the due diligence process, operating as a liaison between the company and third parties and keeping senior leadership informed on the complex corporate and tax elements of the deal. Thanks in large part to her efforts, the sale of the business was hailed as one of the "smoothest" transactions the investment bank had encountered.

Throughout her career at Pragmatic, Isabel has provided sound and trusted legal advice to senior management that was grounded in both practical business needs and a strong sense of integrity. I would highly recommend her as counsel for any growing company." 

- Craig Stull, Retired CEO and Founder of Pragmatic Marketing, LLC (One of Inc. Magazine's fastest growing companies 9 times over)

"She played a crucial role in the sale of the company to private equity..."

"As President & CEO I looked to her for advice and listened closely""

"While Isabel was certainly our expert on legal matters, what made her most valuable is that she is first and foremost a businessperson. She understood our strengths and weaknesses, could evaluate our competitive landscape, and frequently offered insight on both internal and external matters. As President & CEO I looked to her for advice and listened closely, as her point of view was always fresh. Often, her input was the key that guided my final decisions. Isabel collaborated extensively with her peers on the company leadership team, and was seen by others as an asset. Isabel was also quite willing to roll up her sleeves and dig into new areas, often with no prompting from me. She took the lead on our HR functional needs, led the team through a creation/evolution of our corporate governance, and guided us on a number of issues related to long-term strategy. The company is stronger, safer and better positioned for disciplined growth than at any time in our history, and a great deal of credit for those changes is due to Isabel Gram.”

Jim Foxworthy, former President & CEO of Pragmatic Marketing, LLC

"Excellent Franchise Attorney"

"We hired Isabel to review our FDD before we purchased a franchise. She was very thorough in her review of the FDD and was instrumental in our securing an amendment to our FDD that is very favorable for our position as franchisee. She made us aware of red flags in the FDD that could pose problems in the future. Isabel is extremely professional, cordial and easy to work with. I felt I could trust her from our first conversation and I had interviewed 3 other lawyers. I have full confidence in her character and would trust her with other business contract issues in the future."

"Best Choice"

"I am trying to clean up a financial mess left from a failed business partnership. Isabel has been crucial in working with my creditors to helped me reach an agreement that was fair to both parties and support my desire to restore my credit rating. Isabel is highly professional, responsive, tough and stays on task. Her fees were very reasonable (not a lot of money available right now). I live on the east coast and she was VERY effective communicator despite the time differences. These days dealing with our biggest banks is torture. Isabel brought them to the table despite their repeated attempts to ignore me. This didn't happen in a week. She stayed the course. Do yourself a favor....HIRE HER!"

"Operating Agreement, FDD Review, Member Purchase Agreement"

Isabel Davis was an overall pleasure to work with when we were was setting up our Operating Agreement and wanted professional support to review the FDD. Her billing rate was openly discussed and she went the extra distance to ensure our needs were met and the work we had discussed was complete within the agreed parameters. 
She efficiently managed the process and provided sound and logical advice. Through-out the process, she demonstrated her knowledge of the important components that any partnership should consider prior to commencing operations. Her frank talk regarding what she termed as "eventualities" reinforced to me that this was a serious document that we were signing. There were many clauses that one could easily overlook, though when drafted and seen on paper it was obvious that these were real possibilities. This demonstrated to me Isabel's strong knowledge in this area. 

She indicated that many individuals come to her after a "problem" has surfaced and there is no documentation to guide one through such conditions. So, I came away with full understanding of the importance of having sound legal advice and a properly drafted document. If you are already in a franchise partnership and do not have an Operating Agreement, then I would strongly encourage you to contact Isabel Davis and draft such a document for everyone's protection.

A few months after we completed the Operating Agreement and our business was up and running, we again contacted Isabel to help us draft a Membership Purchase Agreement. Isabel was very responsive and drafted a detailed document to protect everyone's interests by spelling out the conditons for such a transaction. Our intention was to bring in a Minority investor and to ensure that everyone's interests were protected and that this was well documented. The document that Isabel provided further demonstrated her strengths in defining the key terms and parameters to initiate this transaction and equally as important, the terms to dissolve such a transaction.

In closing, thanks Isabel for the great work and I will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues for future work.


"A Highly Recommended Resource"

I have been recommending Isabel for years to my clients who are investigating franchise ownership and need an attorney to review their Franchise Disclosure Documents, final agreements and real estate leases. She consistently gets high marks for her personal yet thorough approach. My clients find her very accessible, informal but professional… a combination that makes people comfortable and confident when working with her. I highly recommend Isabel Davis.