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Epigram Growth Services, LLC Launches May 2018

We are pleased to announce the opening of Epigram Growth Services, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona, a company that offers premium General Counsel services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house attorney. Epigram's mission is to contain risk, protect assets and create powerful business efficiencies on a cost-effective basis so that our clients can focus on revenue-generating activities that will grow their businesses. 

Epigram's CEO, Isabel Gram is a Canadian transplant who has resided in Arizona since 2004. As a business owner, Isabel fully understands the challenges companies face in growth and scalability.

"All companies face exposure and risk, but not all companies can justify keeping an experienced in-house attorney on staff. To cope, businesses will resign themselves to paying high hourly rates to receive impersonal work product. Worse, they will avoid legal services and leave themselves wide open to the possibility of claims, litigation and erosion of assets. Epigram offers a cost-effective alternative: a General Counsel who understands your business and how to support growth, so that you can breathe easy, focus on innovation and boosting revenue."

Isabel Gram