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Create Instant Value for Your Business by Trademarking Your Business Name and Logo

You’ve been operating a business for years and have achieved a solid reputation and a loyal customer base. Your business name is synonymous with a great product or service.

Now imagine you’re driving around town and you see your business name on a storefront. Even worse, the store is serving customers in your industry and they are lining up down the street to buy from your competitor.

Your stomach drops, fury sets in. There’s no way they can do that! After all, you’ve been using that name in the market for years.

Or can they?

A federal trademark with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) puts you in a superior position to defend your brand against competitors. It provides business owners with several advantages that are not available with “common law” use rights (an unregistered claim to a mark). Here they are:

1 - A federally registered mark gives a legal presumption of nationwide ownership (a state registration only gives rights within the borders of a state, and common law rights only exist for the specific area where the mark is used).

2- It puts the public on notice of your ownership by listing your mark online in the USPTO databases.

3- It gives you the right to use the ® symbol and allows you to bring an action concerning the mark in federal court.

4 - It gives a basis to obtain registrations in foreign countries.

In addition, a trademark is an asset of the business. If you ever considered selling your business, these marks can be transferred to a buyer for real value, increasing the value of your business.

Protect your brand. Create instant value in your business.

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Isabel Gram, JD is a business law and trademark attorney with 14 years of experience representing hundreds of Arizona businesses.

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